Watchguard X700 Installation Pfsense.

  • Guys,

    hope everyone is ok! just thought id ask a question im sure its been asked before. But i want to install the latest version of Pfsense on a watchguard x700. I have no problem following the guide if i have to. But to be lazy! thought id ask and i know its done before. Does anyone know if there is any link out there where i can download the image, either to ghost or Aconris it onto a laptop hard drive, where i can plug it in to get in, and get it working.

    No problems if there is not, just want to save time plugging a hard drive into a PC installing the live CD and then plugging it in and configing the boot.

    Thank you guys.


  • Netgate Administrator

    I recommend you use the NanoBSD install on a compact flash card in that box unless you have a good reason not to. For instance you need to have a HD install to have access to all available packages.
    There is no HD image as far as I know.


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