Log message error?

  • kernel: arp: 00:13:10:87:bf:b8 is using my IP address on vr0!

    My pfsense log is giving this message occasionally. Im not sure if its an indicator why my internet connection drops….? Is it a sign of a larger issue? Any insight would help. Version 1.2.3 Thanks.

  • I would interpret this message as follows: The IP address of my vr0 interface is There is another system on the network connected to vr0 with IP address and its MAC address is 00:13:10:87:bf:b8.


    Is it a sign of a larger issue?

    If systems connected to pfSense vr0 are using IP address as their internet gateway then sometimes they will attempt to connect to the Internet through the "other" system. This may not be an issue - depends on your network topology.

  • In general, yes that will cause significant Internet connectivity problems in almost every circumstance, you need to get rid of the IP conflict.

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