2 Lans, 2 Wans and failover

  • I have a multi-wan, multi-lan setup. My default network is 192.168.0 /23, my secondary LAN is 10.0.0 /24. My default WAN is comcast and my 2nd WAN (Backup) is a DSL cpnnection. I am attempting to setup a failover connection. The more I work on it, it appears I have to setup load balancing. If I setup a "member down" group, it never goes back to the original when it comes back up. Not a big issue. my problem is connecting to the 10 network. I have select ignore firewall rules on LAN connections and it works fine. The second I configure a group with load balancing, the 10 network is virtually unusable (cannt connect to it from 192). I have tried ceating a load balance group with the 10 route and the defauls lan as Member 1. I have left it out of the firewall group all-together, nothing seems to work. I'd like to have a load balance WAN (failover) and have the two LANS up all the time as if there was no load balancing…can this be done?

  • You need a rule before the load balance allowing traffic from 192 to 10 using no gateway.

    When you set a geteway on rules, you are telling pfsense to skip routing table and forward package to the host you specified.

  • Thanks for the response. I set this up however, the latency on my other LAN becomes so bad, we are getting timeouts when communiting with it. It's so weird. If I remove the gateway, it works fine, once I add the gateway, the latency becomes horrible. Any suggestions?

  • You have to create these "non balanced" rules on lan as well on opt1 to get all working between your networks.

  • How would making a rule on Opt1 which is my 2nd WAN actually affect the latency of the traffic traveling on the LAN? Both my 10 network and 192 network are on the lan interface. I have a firewall on the 10 network and a static route on the PF sense firewal to get to that network

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