Can ping, but no internet pfsense 2.0.1

  • hi, i have been using pfsense 1.2.3 in a production. but i wanted to upgrade it to latest version. so i have installed pfsense 2.0.1 on a different box and connected to our ISP router. i can ping external websites from pfsense box but i can not browse internet on LAN. pfsense is DNS and
    DHCP for LAN. I am definately missing something bur could not figure it out. any idea?

  • I would think you just need to add in a remote dns server.  try (goolge's) if it works  then its dns issue. you can either add it to pfsense  ( under system > general setup)  or go control panel on your computer > network connection  or network and sharing centre, under  tcp (ver 4) change dns from obtain automatically to use the following

  • did you unplug the old box? config is identical I presume? You just restore the 1.2.3 config? That's the best option.

  • got it working now. restored the box without the package config which did the trick. cheers

  • just metioning ran into a similar  problem a yesterday days,, it seams the only way to get the work was to run setup wizard under system.  if you manually enter in  a gateways or any system  they are not registered properly.. the only way they register properly is once the wizard was used.. any changes manually could break and the only way to repair again was via the setup wizard this was the amd version ( it sure seems buggy that version)

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