Quality drop with more than ~1000 states

  • hi,

    From viewing the RRD "quality" graphs I am seeing latency starting to increase when the states table exceeds around 1000 states. By the time there are 3000 states, the latency rises up to 1000ms.

    I have 196MB memory and the status page shows memory always around 40-50%. CPU usage stays below about 40% at that time (and an average of 20-25%)

    Does anyone know what could be causing this poor performance?

    OH by the way we're on Rogers Cable who's notorious for throttling bandwidth - but i'm wondering if it could be my problem…

    my own setup is pretty simple, most settings are default. let me know what extra information might be needed

  • Maybe your internetconnection is just overused with that many connections. If those are just idle states you shouldn't notice too much impact but if they are all connections pushing data you probably will see some impact (depending on the line). Are you using the trafficshaper? If yes try to lower your up and downstream values a bit and see if that helps. A trafficshaper that is using more bandwdith than your line can handle will overuse the line as well.

  • What you're describing is very typical of pegging your connection with cable. When you hit your cap, packets start to queue in your cable modem, and your latency goes through the roof.

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