DNS issues with Kindle Fire

  • Hello All,

    Prior to all changes, the Fire worked.
    I recently installed a pfSense box as a replacement to a DD-WRT box as the main router/dhcp/dns for my house. I have two DD-WRT boxes setup as wireless APs. The APs are set to forward DHCP request and work just fine. I have other wireless clients, laptop, cell phone, etc. and they all connect to the wifi, receive the proper DHCP info and connect to the internet just fine.

    However, I have been running into trouble with a Kindle Fire. I have traced the issue to the pfSense and am not sure what to do now. I ran a packet capture and I can see traffic from the Kindle going to the pfSense on port 53, but no return traffic.

    I have tried with both DNS forwarder on and off. No return traffic is passed. I have also tried setting a static IP/DNS/Gateway on the Kindle, and no luck.

    Current packages:
    bandwidthd  -  HAVP antivirus  -  squid  -  Lightsquid

    I am unsure of what to try next so I was hoping I could get some light shed on this issue and what I could do to resolve it.

    Thanks to all who help!

  • Do you have a firewall rule allowing at least DNS access on the pfSense interface that the Kindle connects to?

  • I have 3 internal interface on the pfSense. All 3 are bridged together, the DHCP runs on this bridge. I copied over the default rules to the LAN1-3 interfaces and the Bridge interface.

    These rules are the Anti-lockout rule on LAN 1 and the Default allow LAN to any rule is on all interfaces.

    Ah, it has been solved. The allow LAN to any rule was not on my Bridge interface. Sometimes it helps to have a second set of eyes. Thanks.

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