Limiters in Bridge mode and grouping hosts!

  • Hello guys,

    I really need your help on setting up an PfSense server. I'm new on this (been using before ALLOT), I've managed to make partly the configuration of server, but yet i don't get the results i want to have.
    My LAN output of server connects to the "internet" and i have multiple WAN connections, which I want to limit per IP. The problem is that I want to have the WAN hosts grouped, for example :
    Group 1 has 20 hosts, I want to assign to this group 3 Mbps/3 Mbps and each of the hosts in the group 256 Kbps/128 Kbps. I want to configure the LAN and WAN interfaces in "bridge" mode and assign bandwdith limits to a group of hosts and to each host separately.
    I have managed to configure LAN and WAN in bridge mode, I have created limiters and such, but my only problem is how to assign hosts to the groups I want to and then limit their traffic as I need to.
    Since I mentioned I've been using before ALLOT and it was easy to create a group,assign bandwidth limits and place hosts under the group with desired bandwidth and protocol for each host.
    Please refer to scheme attached. As you may see , i want to group the hosts, assign bandwidth limits to the group and bandwdith limits to each host of group. I'm trying but I cant find any option to do this into PfSense GUI.
    Please help me on this. if you need further info, just ask :)
    Many thanks,


  • Since you expect pfSense to be one of the other tools you used!
    Search the forums for limiter childs/queues.

  • Thanks for replying.
    Off course I'm not expecting the same configuration from PfSense, just the same result  :-
    I'm checking through forum posts and especially your posts about traffic shaping, rules and childs.
    I have tried some of this configuration before but anyway I will try one more time with PRIQ and the rest.
    I will update about the progress .

  • You are looking at limiters queues.
    You can actually create childs on limiters as well :)

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