Help with failed install

  • I've been pulling my hair out trying to get pfsense to install today. I downloaded 2.0.1 burned it to a CD popped it in my drive and booted away. It gave me a choice to install which I did and I installed it to a small sata hd I had spare. Ejected the CD and rebooted.

    Problem 1. The PC now boots up and it gets as far as this:

    F1 pfsense

    F6  PXE
    Boot:     F1

    there is another post i found with this problem here I have followed the instructions and disabled everything on the board. I have my hd controller set to "Legacy IDE [Sata only]" ( as its a sata hd ). After many hours I gave up on this and popped the CD back in to try and reinstall.

    Problem 2: Now the CD booted to the pfsense menu:
    1. boot default
    2 boot with no
    …..ACPI etc etc

    But there was no option to install this time???

    It carried on and booted and then stated:

    Root Mount Error

    set vfs.root.mountformoptions=rw
    then remove invalid mount options from /etc/fstab

    Loader Variables


    I managed to get it to boot by typing ufs:/dev/ad0s1a and pfsense loaded up! The problem is its booting from the CD but using the config from the hard drive somehow ( I would prefer not to house my BD drive in my firewall ). So I ejected the CD and rebooted but was again back at problem 1. I tried installing a 1.2.3 cd, but that gave me the same root mount error, I couldn't get it to boot from the CD only from the hd by typing ufs:/dev/ad0s1a and it loaded 2.0.1 again.

    On another note from the webGui I went ahead and edited /etc/fstab from ad4s1a & /dev/ad4s1b to:

    Device Mountpoint FStype Options Dump Pass#

    /dev/ad0s1a / ufs rw 1 1
    /dev/ad0s1b none swap sw 0 0

    But I still get the Root Mount Error. Any help will be appreciated. I just want a working pfsense from either a cf card (which I also tried and got mount errors) or ideally a full install to a hd.

    Mobo: Intel SE7221BK1-E
    CPU: P4 2.8ghz
    RAM: 4gb
    Additioanl NIC: 2x Intel pro 1000 dual MT
    160gb sata hd

  • I wrote  a guide a while back, and it shows you the options to pick from a CD install to a HDD
    have a look at that.  Are they the same steps you have done?

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