No internet access from remotesite of vpn tunnel

  • Hi folks,
    my test setting is as follows:

    Internet__R0__SiteA R1 VPN-Tunnel__R2___SiteB__

    like "pfsense - the definitive guide" Page 242.
    R= pfsense router

    I need internet access from siteB, but how can i realize it?
    The default gw from R1 points to R2 and vice versa
    All Servers/Stations on SiteA have a default gw that points to R0 => internet access no problem
    R0 has a route to siteB and the gw points to R1 => access from siteB to siteA no problem

    My first approch is to install a dns/proxy server on SiteA, that works well
    But how can i realize a routing solution with pfsense?

    Please, can anyone give me a hint, an example??
    regards, tuxmaster.

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