Multiple IPs,trying to setup filtered bridge but firewall rules not working

  • I'm tring to setup Pfsense in front of our hosting environment I have the bridge part working properly from what i can tell from using pfsense in the past.

    I can ping fine, dns resolves, the servers can reach the outside world with the proper IP being seen, etc.

    The problem I'm having is when i try to allow specific Ports to be passed.

    The logs show that the port is being blocked outbound source:2087(inhouse) to destination:50210(internet) TCP:SA

    I've tried different ways to get this to pass but obviously not the right way. and not sure if i'm missing a setting somewhere.
    What i don't get is why it's blocking outbound traffic when there is a rule to allow all traffic out and it works?

    Any shed of light on this would greatly help and is much appreciated.

  • ok so i found a bit more info as to my issue. It looks as though the bridge is not setup properly after all.

    maybe a layout will help. First Hardware

    <router>–---<switch>-------WAN PFsense|
                                                                      LAN pfsense||         
                                                                          Server1  |||
                                                                          Server2 ||||

    Software config

    When I use the OPT1 as BRIDGE0 and set LAN as NONE for IP and WAN as NONE for IP, It shuts my network down when i try and access pfsense.

    (The way I had it configured in my first post was LAN = BRIDGE0 - WAN static IP.) This was not woking properly.

    So what am I missing to setup this bridge?</switch></router>

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