PfSense 1.0.1 on HD (PC) - "/cf/conf/backup" error

  • Hi everybody :-)
    I'm new to FreeBSD, to pfSense too (although I can run and configure it as LiveCD). I set up m0n0wall on HD and it works flawlessly since about a week in my home lab :-).

    I dig out the Forum, but I couldn't find appropriate information, about the behavoiur of pfSense I encountered:

    • first I started ofSense as LiveCD,
    • I configured network interfaces/addresses and switched to web interface,
    • I did a config backup on the other PC,
    • then I moved configuration to removable media (option 98), i.e. to floppy (fd0).

    I rebooted LiveCD, and the config has been properly read from floppy.

    Next, I decided to install pfSense on HD (as FreeBSD option from the list). My PC box were as follooews: Pentium 233, RAM 256 MB, 2 network adapters (WAN and LAN), Aadaptec SCSI 2940 UW controller and HD Atlas 9 GB. I used HD install "option 99" from the menu, so, all the process went well (as I could see reading screen prompts).

    After I rebooted I saw on the console screen an error reading like this:

    cd: can't cd to /cf/conf/backup
    cd: can't cd to /cf/conf/backup

    Warning: fopen(/conf/config.xml): failed to open stream:
    No such file or directory in /etc/inc/ on line 159.
    Error: coild not open XML input."  <– below this standard HD menu is displayed.

    I do not have CF on my pfS box.
    All this what I/m writing above takes place with or without a floppy disc with configuration file in /conf/config.xml

    I did not find useful information about a topic, but maybe I did it wrong, so please apologize me, if such info already is to be found...

    No change from menu is possible due to this error: no interface assign, IP address change and so on.

    Edit 2007.04.22 18:45 CET
    I tried to install pfS 1.2 Beta-1-Prerelease-Snapshot-04-21-07
    After first boot as LiveCD I changed LAN IP. Then I choosed "option 99. HD install".
    After the reboot from HD, everything seems to look OK:

    • LAN IP has been preserved,
    • I can log to the web interface and change parameters,
    • etc.

    Looks OK for now :-)

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