Another CARP "both masters" problem - SOLVED -

  • Hi everybody!

    I know, there's a commun problem, but I've search for 3 days in internet on this problem, and now, I need help.

    • 2 PFSense 2.0.1, with carp and sync enable.
    • The XMLRPC sync well, no problem related to ip config.
    • I've try a crossover cable, a managable switch, a hub, same problem.
    • I've try with Intel server NIC and Broadcom, same problem
    • I'm using dedicated NIC on both server (same hardware on both server)
    • I've try to use it across LAN interface, same problem

    When I activate the CARP on the second server, he start has backup, and switch has master in couple of sec, and both are master.

    I've try to reboot, changed VHID 10 times, change IP range, no packets drop…

    What's next ?


  • Hi again.

    good news, I solved the problem…

    I've looked at the PFTOP from my 2nd server, and I saw in the rules list only 3 rules... deny all...
    I have a alias that include a URL list.  the path was (the list is local on the FW)
    I put the list on the 2nd fw, reload filter, and  voila !

    Ciao !

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