Load-Balance servers monitor issue

  • Hi,

    I am trying to setup pfsense as a load-balancer, it is not the first time I configure it but this time I want more than a simple port health check.
    Here is the setup:


    mysql-db1 ->
    mysql-db2 ->
    mysql-db3 ->

    What I am trying to accomplish a load-balancer that load-balance port 3306 but monitors port 80 to check the mysql health, but I can't figure this out. I have mysql servers that have an Apache server running and if you request the root it will execute a PHP script and in this script I made some MySQL health check. the apache servers return the perfect answer at the moment if I call them in the browser.

    So I configured a new monitor with type HTTP with path / and host: empty because I am unsure of what to put there, but I tried the WAN ip, I tried a VIP but still I am having some issues.  Then I configured a pool with my 3 servers, the port I specified was 3306 and the monitor is my newly created http monitor. Then I created my virtual server that point to my WAN ip and port 3306.

    How can I accomplsih this setup?

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