How to install a second drive for squid proxy

  • Does anyone have a HOW TO for installing a second drive for use by the Squid Proxy?

    Now that this Soekris 6501 is loaded and booting properly, that's the next step on the agenda.  Everything had been running off a PC type machine with just a big hard drive.  The customer has an SSD for the O/S, logs, etc.  He ordered an internal 2.5" HD solely for Squid Proxy storage.

    It's been a number of years since I've worked on FreeBSD machines.  My first guess would be to simply fdisk the drive, format it, mount it and point squid to it.  But I'm also guessing there is a specific place that it needs to be mounted on pfsense.

    Any help?


    Is this thread 7500?

  • You can configure this path on squid package but usually it will be on /var(/squid)

    To get a better performance, enable soft updates on this new partition.

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