{possible BUG] ECN is disabled, so altq can't use it?

  • Was testing ECN, and couldn't get it to work for any of the systems on my network to the outside world, then while researching the issue, I looked at net.inet.tcp.ecn.enable and saw it was set to 0.

    As soon as I set it to 1, my tests started working…. if it is being used by the GUI interface, shouldn't this be set to true by default, or am I unnecessarily setting something I shouldn't?

  • Based on some quick grep, the net.inet.tcp.ecn.enable sysctl tunable doesn't seem to be reference anywhere in the webGUI code.

  • It depends on the needs actually.
    It only affects local originated traffic so….

  • well, ever since I enabled the flag, ECN tests work.  Without this set, even with ECN enabled in traffic shaper, ECN tests fail.  Perhaps it should be force set if enabled in traffic shaper.

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