PfSense RELENG 2.0 build on FreeBSD 8.1 failing since 3 days

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to build a iso from pfsense with a custom overlay within vmware.
    This used to work. after the first build i made a snapshot.
    I also managed to do a clean pfsense build without a custom overlay.

    But since 3 days i cannot build a working iso at all. i returned to my first snapshot after i had build de first iso,
    tried again the clean build using 'build.iso' from builder_scripts folder.

    here's a movie of the boot process:
    Youtube Video

    This must be the bootloader but how can i solve this on the machine with the buildscripts?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It depends on what is in your overlay. That error might suggest that you had customized beastie.4th somehow but it failed to build properly.

    As far as I know things in the builder are OK, we build images for customers almost daily and they have been OK.

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