SSH from PFsense 2.0 Firewall?

  • If I want to ssh or scp to a remote host without using a password on most *nix machines i just take my public key from the host I want to connect to and place it in the authorized_keys file on the client machine (this case pfsense)
    I have tried this and its not working! Is there something special or different about how the ssh client reads the key?
    I created the standard ssh-keygen -t rsa on the machine I want to connect too. I then placed the .pub key in the authorized_keys file but its still asking me for a password. Can someone tell me what could be the problem?

  • Nothing different, I have rsa keys working fine on pfsense 2.0.

    The public key goes on the host(server) machine, not the client. The client is the machine you are connecting "from".
    So put your local machine's in the pfsense authorized_keys and you'll be all set.

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