Port forward to another subnet

  • I'm trying to setup a pfSense firewall at work. Another agency in our building needs to get to one of intranet servers. We don't trust their network so we wanted to setup a firewall between us. I created a vlan on my router for LAN side of the pfSenese box.

    It's The pfSense box is My router is After adding the routes to pfSense it can ping machines on the rest of my network.

    For the WAN side I gave it the address

    I setup a port forward from port 80 on pfSense's WAN to my intranet server which is on network.

    Machine's I place on pfSense's LAN can see the server and browse it's pages. pfSense can ping the server. The port forward doesn't work. pfSense logs show that it passed the traffic, but it's not working.

    Is there a problem with port forwarding to machine outside of the LAN subnet? This should be a pretty simple setup. Yet I can't seem to make it work.

  • Ok…

    Disregard. I figured it out. The problem had was a bad route.

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