IPSEC pfSense to Checkpoint FW - only access one way

  • Hi!
    Having an issue with our ipsec tunnel.. Our apartment are running pfSense towards a checkpoint firewall at the main office (HQ). We can access all hosts at the HQ, connect to terminal servers, print to their printers etc., but they cannot connect to anything on our site.. Not even a simple ping reply..

    All I've done in pfSense is adding a rule under [Firewall]->[Rules]->[IPSEC] and allowing everything - all options set to "any"

    Also set up another ipsec tunnel towards my home connection, running a Checkpoint Safe@Office 500 at home. Didn't do any changes or modifications to rules or NAT, and everything worked both ways..

    Anyone got a clue what the problem might be? Can it be something missing in the configuration at the HQ site? Unfortunately I don't have access to their firewall..

  • Could you post your NAT configuration?

  • @fsaltan:

    Hi all,

    I have similar problem. I set Ipsec VPN with pfsense and Checkpoint NGX R75.20, but I cant wake up VPN connection. You could see my configuration below.

    And, my ıpsec logs are like below

    Have can I achieve this problem?

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