DNS issues?

  • Hope I posted in the right forum?
    Got the following issue(s)

    Got a L2L for 6 sites.
    In one of them the websites are hosted (which works fine)
    In an other I've setup a sharepoint to test.

    On the site where my sharepoint is I can:

    • make the sharepoint available but have problems accessing the websites on the other hosted site
    • make all websites available but can't access the sharepoint with DNS Rebind attack errors.
      From all the other sites everything works fine.

    But are on the default 80 port and redirection as such is done on those default ports!
    Did tests where I used my DMZ in a PHASE2 L2L and put in the DNS so we would access the websites over the L2L instead of going public. (no result)
    All FW's are on the latest PFSENSE release.
    Any ideas might be welcome.

    Did tests with NAT reflection (results in the above)

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