• Is this normal?  It is just that everything takes a good minute or two to load up on the webconfigurator.  It seems too slow considering it is on a 100mb card.  I don't get it, did i do something wrong???

  • no, not normal. Can you ping the firewall from your pc? what is the response time?

  • Depends on the speed of your hardware, but taking that long to load up a page definitely doesn't sound normal. A 266 MHz WRAP is substantially faster than a "minute or two" to load up pages. If you're running a 486 or something, that might be expected.

  • Check for duplex mismatches, etc.

  • Ok, i checked it out, and i can ping it all day long at less than 1 ms.  So, i don't think it is a network latency issue.  However, i should point out that this is a router on stick config aka 1 network card with 4 interfaces.

    The hardware is pretty good:

    P3 933MHz
    256MB RAM
    and i have it installed to a small 4gig hard drive (it was already installed)

    Everything is full duplex into an HP Procurve.

  • Sounds like access to your drive is very slow.

  • I am starting to think that too now… ill play with it a bit more.  I backed up my config so i can easily try other mediums.

    thanks for the help guys.

  • Easiest test is to run from livecd and rebench.

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