PPPoE Client - Xs4all Fiberpower

  • Hello Community,

    Recently our customer purchased a new fiberpower line from a dutch provider Xs4all. Tis provider has several internet options availble


    Adsl and Vdsl work like a charm with Pfsense but with the Fiber I cannot get the line up and running. According to Xs4all it should be a fairly simple and straightforward connection.
    PPPoE login with user@xs4all.nl and a random password.

    Since the line did not go online I spoke with the helpdesk and after 1 hour the told me I had to get the PPPoE client running over VLAN ID 6. Aktivated all this in the Pfsense 2.01 but still the line fails to get online. Supportdesk has no solution atm. What I see in the log that it gives a timeout on the Fiberline!

    So after this I switched back to the original Fritzbox 7340 and it was online immediately. Checking in the Fritzbox it stated, PPPoE VLAN 6! Connection Online! Public IP was there.

    I cannot figure out why the Pfsense 2.01 does not pick up it's signal. Exact same cables were used as with the Fritzbox and there is no macfiltering or whatsoever.

    Any help is appreciated!


  • Hello , same problem here in portugal with sapo fibra. The diference is that no one here gave the support and talked about vlan 6. I am going to investigate further this afternoon.

    will post after If I find a solution.

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