Adding a new gateway at different location

  • Greetings.

    We are using the latest stable release of PfSense on our existing setup. All is working well with multiple users.

    We are using bridged tranzeo radios to carry our dhcp signal through our wifi lan. All our access points are broadcasting the same ssids on a Existing Gateway serves dhcp -

    We are adding another gateway about a 1/4 mile away from existing gateway. I would like for the new gateway running latest stable pfsense to become a added route to the same system for clients that are closer to that gateway. This new gateway I am hoping will push dhcp to tranzeo radios under the same ssid.

    Our current setup allows users to travel trough our access and not loose service.

    What is the recommended practice with this type of setup?
    Can the new gateway check the existing gateway witch using the Pfsense user table for client access?

  • I am going to install the new server with an IP of to serve dhcp - on the same lan and ssids as existing wifi system. I am wondering about carp and if it will sync the user accounts to the other server? Freeradius2 may be the ticket. Copying them from the first box can be a troublesome. Also looking at the example in the docs I see that this is using the same Internet gateway. Is this important? I will use a 5.8 Tranzeo witch is now connecting that site and change the address on these interfaces to a network to enable the carp communication.

  • PfSense rocks.

    Posted the previous messages hoping to get some insight while I researched the setup. What I have found is carp will do what I want. Copy rules and users. I will run this on a network. I will use the existing 5.8 signal to communicate between the gateways. I will keep posting as I build to guide others.

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  • I'm not quite sure that CARP will be the appropriate solution in your scenario, because -depending on the traffic of your network- it'd consume a lot of bandwidth out of the link between your two pfsense routers (assuming the usual 5GHz wireless PtP link that most WISPs use to connect their nodes).

  • Greetings dhatz,
    Thanks for the reply. I would have tried this and you may have saved me some time. As old as I am, time is very important.
    I am still fishing in the dark, not sure what to do, or if I can do it. I am at a lose. Any direction would be a big help. I was also thinking of a custom dnsmasq script, or is it as simple as adding option 3 and the new server to dhcp on both systems.

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