CARP - Multiple CARP addresses or IP Aliases?

  • Ok so I have our main carp setup working in a beautiful fashion. Very nice stuff this!.

    Now comes the time where I need to add more IPs to our public interface. We have a /22 from the ISP and the carp setup is using /22 correctly.

    So, I've been advised to use IP Aliases to add the rest of the IPs, and not setup seperate carp records for them as each carp record uses broadcast/multicast to advertise itself.

    Is this correct, I should use IP Aliases?

    Can you monitor the status of the IP Alias the same way you can monitor which box a CARP address is on?

  • It's a brand new option that works fine.

    To get it working, on ip alias gui select your working carp interface instead of wan,lan,etc.

  • If you have two systems setup, all your VIPs must be CARP. IP aliases are only on the primary, can't have them on two systems as they cannot be shared.

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