Anyone successfully got Cacti running on 2.0.1?

  • Hey all, i am needing someway of reading bandwidth usage better than the RRD graph and have found Cacti.  I am wondering how i can install that on my pfsense box.

    What i need is someway of seeing how many clients are online at any given time.  I can use Lightsquid and see how many access it over a 24h period, but to calculate my oversell percentage i really need someway of seeing per second or per minute exactly how many users are actually online at any given time.

  • if cacti is already a freebsd package, then it could be installed with pkg-add or something similar, but if no freebsd package is done, then you'll have to wait for it. And maybe you could post a bounty for it

  • I'll have a look into that.. but i beleive that it is already available for FreeBSD.

    Another question, RRD is on pfSense so am i able to have for example Cacti or another RRD tool on another machine but getting the data from pfSense? Or does it have to be on the same machine?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Cacti can use SNMP to retrieve data from another machine. If you are running it on another server you simple need to enable SNMP on pfSense.,35060.0.html


    Edit: Looks like there was some work done on running cacti on pfSense a long time ago.,485.0.html
    Clearly it's not trivial!  ;)

  • sure it not a big problem to install cacti on pfsense. i am in the mist of  trying to migrated to it instead of  bandwidthd.

    it pretty easy to install.

    follow my instruction thread how to install extra php modules for pfsense and/0r setting up  vhost webserver,47150.0.html,47086.0.html

    basically install these;

    * net/net-snmp
        * mysql

    for the following PHP extension modules:

    * mysql
        * SNMP
        * Sockets
        * LDAP (Required only when using LDAP authentication)
        * GD (Required only for some Plugins)

    mv /usr/local/etc/rc.d/snmpd /usr/local/etc/rc.d/

    edit to enable snmpd

    chmod 777 /var/net-snmp
    chmod 777 /var/net-snmp/mib_indexes

    create a database in mysql called cacti

    mysql –password  -D cacti < /usr/local/vhosts/cacti/cacti.sql

    edit to enable snmpd

    restart  pfsense

    log in to cacti  ( default user/password) admin/admin

    setup cati

  • Thanks for the reply. GOod to know it is possible, but as far as your instructions go, i have no idea how to do install it.  I am pretty new with all this..

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