Dyndns WAN IP address

  • Hi.
    My pfSense system is located under an ADSL router which I can't configure at all, and I need to configure a dynamic domain with dyndns.org.
    The problem is that pfSense is updating my dyndns.org domain with its WAN IP address (which is, not with the WAN IP address. Only the ADSL router knows the real WAN IP address, because pfSense is natted and doesn't know it.
    Is it possible to configure dyndns.org to recognise the origin IP address (which is the real WAN IP address) and avoid pfSense to pass its WAN IP address (which isn't the real one)?

    Thank you very much!

  • This will not work.  You either need a dynamic dns client on the modem or switch the modem into bridging mode and let pfSense handle the real IP.

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