Dynamic Shaping per IP

  • I've got a usenet server that I want to use my full download pipe when available, but I want it to be the lowest priority, so when I get on and start streaming a youtube video it will automatically throttle down that IP so that everything seems smooth on my end.

    Is this something sense can do? I've read up on the wiki about how create limiters, but I'm not looking for a hard limit, I'm more looking for will at least run 20% of bandwidth all the way up to 100% if there is no other priorities on the network. But through all my reading I'm still not sure if this is possible.

  • Use limiter queues and weight.

  • ermal can you give more explanation to how doing this please?

  • Run the traffic shaping wizard. About the third or forth page in you will have the option to set different protocols to different priorities - high, normal, and low. Change NNTP to low.

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