Is it possible to manually install packages.?

  • I'm hoping this is a simple answer. I'd like to know if its possible to manually install packages? I'm aware i can go to System -> Packages and download them from however because of the setup I have this box has no access to the Internet and I need to install the package for downloading the OpenVPN certs and config files.

    Can i download the file manually from somewhere, get it onto the server (i can sftp to it) and manually install it.

    I'm guessing that the web site is invoking a script of some kind..

    Right now, this would save my bacon.. Amazing system, possibly the best kept secret on the internet..

  • In my situation i wasn't able to attach to the package download server because of out proxy, if however you go to System -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous you can add proxy settings there..

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    you can download them directly from

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