• Can i put 2 static route entries for a single network using different metric?

    In the GUI interface i cannot find option for metric.

  • FreeBSD does not support metrics.  Use the policy based routing or failover/load balancing features to accomplish the same thing.

  • that can use for WAN link only right rather than internal LAN routing?

  • I believe that is for WAN only so it won't work in your situation. But, basic routing metrics wouldn't work for you in that type of situation, as there's no way for the system to detect a failure of the gateway. The only situation that works for with Cisco routers is if it's something like a T1 serial interface, where the physical interface is going to fail if the connectivity fails and then it'll drop the lower metric route. Policy routing on IOS can address that nicely but that's much more than a route metric.

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