Asymmetric routing and pfsync

  • Many companies have 2 links - 2 ISP.
    In my case we have link (link1) with PFsense1 and another link (link2) in another department with Cisco FW.
      link1                                    link2
    pfsense1–---- pfsync--        Cisco FW
        |                            \          |
        |                            ---- pfsense2
        |                                        |
    router------------------------ router
        |                                        |
    clients                                clients
    Problems in asymmetric routing - half session goes throw link2 and half goes back throu link1. PFsense drop half connections.
    Can we set another Pfsense installation for link2 (pfsense2), for example in transparent/bridge mode, without any rules, but with pfsync, which can synchronize state tables with pfsense1.
    And no more dropped connections.

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