OpenVPN Client Export Utility Missing Configuration

  • Hello.  I'm not a coder just an user so I don't know how I would go about updating a setting within the OpenVPN Client Export Utility.  I hope someone with more knowledge will notify the right people.

    After installing the OpenVPN Client Export Utility package and creating two clients, I had conflicts where two clients from the same remote network vpn-ing into my openvpn server.  Apparently, the two clients were configured with the source port and any return packets were not returning correctly to the originating client.  I was able to correct this by using the "nobind" tag within the client config file so that the client may choose a different source port other than 1194.

    I look forward to seeing a correction in the near future where the tag is placed in the generated config file.


  • You can add this in the custom options of teh client export utility - for every exported client config.

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