1-2 release beta IPSEC not working

  • I just did a test for you dev of the 1.2 pre release to test for probs and I have found that IPSEC going out is not working.

    Apr 25 10:30:29 racoon: INFO: IPsec-SA request for 195...** queued due to no phase1 found.
    Apr 25 10:30:07 racoon: ERROR: failed to begin ipsec sa negotication.
    Apr 25 10:30:07 racoon: ERROR: sendfromto failed
    Apr 25 10:30:07 racoon: INFO: begin Identity Protection mode.

  • Got a fix for it and that is you have to go through each tunnel and resave the tunnel as it seems to of lost the phase 1 key.

  • Is this an upgraded config? If so which was the version this config came from?

  • It was an upgrade from 1.1 on the lastest snapshot. I am not to sure if anyone else had this prob.

  • Running it in 4 locations.  No IPSEC issues at all here.

  • how strange ??? I wasn't sure if I had been messing with PFsense that had got it confused on upgrade. nvm prob 1 off problem

  • I'm running a config at the office that was upgraded from pre 1.0 beta snapshots to the latest snapshot version step by step and haven't seen that problem either. If you still have the old config please try to reproduce. If it happens again please send me the old config and I'll try to replicate it here. Of course we don't want to see config breakage on upgrades  ;)

  • very sorry guy because this isn't mission critical I tend not to bother giving any roll back options. After you have to plan this stuff at work I can't be bothered at home. I do mess around a lot so it may of just been me.  When I went into the IPSEC setup the pass phrase was there but didn't work till I retyped it and resaved it.

    Hopfully it will only be me to report it. Thanks for your help etc.

    As a repayment for all your hard work I would be happy to donate web hosting or bandwidth on my ADSL connection. I do run some sevices time to time on this line. I also have an trixbox is you want to me to test anything.

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