Error editing Pool for load balancer

  • Hello,

    I'm blocked and I don't know what to do.

    I'm following this how-to:

    But, when I'm editing my Pool I get this error message:

    The following input errors were detected:

    * is currently being referenced by an interface ip address on wan.
        * is currently being referenced by an interface ip address on opt1.

    My Pool configuration:

    WAN IP:
    WAN GW: (this is the monitor IP)

    OPT1 GW: (the monitor IP in the Pool).

    Type gateway of course.

    Mi Interface configuration:

    OPT1(WAN2)              ->  ste1    ->
      WAN*                    ->  ste2    ->
      LAN                      ->  ste3    ->

    I'm using the PF-sense Live CD.
    FreeBSD pfSense.local 6.1-RELEASE-p10 FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE-p10 #0: Sun Oct 29 01:06:20 UTC 2006  i386

    Thanks in advance


  • Please upgrade to a recent snapshot and follow this document:

    The gui has changed and you don't have to enter IPs for the gateways anymore. Instead you now can directly select the interface. Btw, the message that you are getting is because of using an interface IP as gateway in a pool instead of the gateway of an interface. This would create a routingloop and lock up your system in a few seconds. That's why we prevent people from doing so  ;)

  • just to not start another thread:
    you write that you now only have to select an interface. but is still possible to enter an IP? (havent tested the new loadbalancer yet),
    it's just i have a setup where i connect with one PfSense per WLAN to the other PfSense. and to balance i have entered the IP the other PfSense has within the WLAN-subnet.

  • No you can not enter it by IP anymore, we use interfaces now.

  • möp. then i will have a problem when changing to 1.2 :D
    is there any way to enter IP's through editing a file?

  • It will work if manually editing and uploading the config.xml and not touching that pool from the webgui I think.

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