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  • Why after requesting enrollment in the forum using my personal email address, I receive a welcome email and even after over a month does not follow any activation email, or notice of non-acceptance?

    If I request to register with google email address, I immediately receive the activation email!

    If at this point I try to change the email address associated with the profile (activated by google mail) to receive email where I was more comfortable, bat I can not do it because the system tells me that this address is in use !
    But the account associated with that address has never been activated!

    How do I proceed to associate to subscribe to my regular email address?

    Why this disparity in treatment between google mail addresses, and addresses refer to other domains?

    Best regards

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's possible your regular mail server rejected the message or was unreachable for some other reason.

    If you PM me your other e-mail address I can clear the old one out of the system.

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