No Error Page with pfSense + Squid + Squidgard with upstream HAVP

  • Hey people,
    I use pfSense 2.0 RC3 with Squid+Squidguard for content filtering and an Ubuntu LTS with HAVP as an upstream Proxy for virus scanning (see attached picture). I had some performance issues with HAVP in the past when I used all 3 packages on one pfsense. So I arranged things as you can see in the picture.
    When I set the HAVP as upstream Proxy in the pfSense Squid the problem is that I do not get any error message for blocked sites (e.g. from Squidguard. Browsers are trying to load something but all you can see after a while is a HAVP message that the server is down (Screenshot).
    On large sites with lots of ads (because ads will be blocked, so Squidguard should generate an error page), this will decrease performance heavily. Do you have any suggests?
    Many thanks!

  • I have the same problem here on a similar installation:

    pfsense 2.0.1
    squid 3.1.19 pkg 2.0.5_2
    squidguard 1.4_2 pkg v.1.9.1
    havp 0.91_1

    I have everything installed on 1 pfsense box.

    havp is configured as "parent for squid"
    squid as transparent proxy.
    squidguard redirect mode: "int error page"

    can someone help?


  • Problem is solved.
    We installed an Apache Server on HAVP and send the blocking information via the external block page function to this.
    You can transfer blocking information via the informations e.g.
    #        %a=client_address
    #        %n=client_name
    #        %i=client_user
    #        %s=client_group
    #        %t=target_group
    #        %u=client_url"

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