NAT/Firewall/ VPN etc stops woprking after Clean restart

  • hello there,

    I am new to PFsense, and i am a big fan of free softwares…

    I recently started to learn about it, and i have hit a snag. after spending whole day to figure out what was causing the problem, i found that it was a simple restart. let me explain( its a bit generic question though).
    After installing and configuring PFsense, LAN clients can access Internet( means NAT  and Firewall rules are working fine) and i also set up VPN, tested, worked like charm... but just after i restart my server.. to check out what will happen in case of power failure or something... I cannot access WEB GUI at first,, though after restarting GUI form console, i can access it immediately...

    but my LAN clients cant access Internet ( they can ping WAN and LAN interfaces of PFsense and PFsense can ping to the Internet and internal clients) so i assume NAT is not working..

    naturally looking at WEB GUI prob, i think it will start working if i could restart NAT service smehow,, ( disabling firewall and making pfsense a router then re-enabling,, does not work)
    same goes for VPN, cant connect..

    so how can i workaround this problem?
    how to restart NAT, Firewall, and VPN?
    i have to do this each time my server goes down?

    i am using PFsense 2.0.1

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