1:1 natting with 5 DHCP WAN

  • Hey everyone,

    My ISP offers me 5 WAN IP addresses, but they are DHCP assigned. I am currently running pFsense throgh an aton box with one WAN NIC and one LAN NIC. So far I have been unable to figure out how to map multiple  DHCP WAN addresses to my WAN, as my single WAN NIC is only requesting a single WAN IP. Is there a way to request all 5 IPs on that NIC and set up some 1:1 natting? Thanks so much, and sorry if there is already a topic on this issue, I searched, but was unable to find any threads.

  • Try to search Carp virtual ip, thanks

  • Will do, thanks for the tip :D I will post again in a few days if I figure out how to me it work!

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