Fatal error: Call to undefined function pfSense_interface_listget() in /etc/inc/

  • Hi
    I just upgraded to master to get IPv6 features and get a fatal error ….
    did i do something wrong ?


    here is the log from the upgrade

    pfSense shell: playback gitsync

    Playback of file gitsync started.

    Current repository is git://github.com/bsdperimeter/pfsense.git

    Please select which branch you would like to sync against:

    master 2.x development branch
    RELENG_2_0 2.0 RC branch
    RELENG_1_2 1.2* release branch
    build_commit The commit originally used to build the image

    Or alternatively you may enter a custom RCS branch URL (HTTP).


    Add a custom RCS branch URL (HTTP) to merge in or press enter if done.

    ===> Checking out master
    Executing cd /root/pfsense//pfSenseGITREPO && git clone git://github.com/bsdperimeter/pfsense.git pfSenseGITREPO
    remote: Counting objects: 125304, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (34241/34241), done.
    remote: Total 125304 (delta 90153), reused 125114 (delta 89972)
    Receiving objects: 100% (125304/125304), 23.05 MiB | 230 KiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (90153/90153), done.
    ===> Installing new files...
    ===> Removing FAST-CGI temporary files...
    ===> Upgrading configuration (if needed)...
    ===> Configuring filter...
    ===> Running /etc/rc.php_ini_setup...
    ===> Locking down the console if needed...
    ===> Signaling PHP and Lighty restart...
    ===> Checkout complete.

    Your system is now sync'd and PHP and Lighty will be restarted in 5 seconds.

    pfSense shell: Terminated
    *** Welcome to pfSense 2.1-DEVELOPMENT-pfSense (i386) on pfsense ***

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function pfSense_interface_listget() in /etc/inc/interfaces.inc on line 66

    1. Logout (SSH only)                  8) Shell
    2. Assign Interfaces                  9) pfTop
    3. Set interface(s) IP address      10) Filter Logs
    4. Reset webConfigurator password    11) Restart webConfigurator
    5. Reset to factory defaults        12) pfSense Developer Shell
    6. Reboot system                    13) Upgrade from console
    7. Halt system                      14) Disable Secure Shell (sshd)
    8. Ping host

    Enter an option:

  • you need a current snapshot for the new binaries.

    See the sticky in the topic.

  • I think he is actually talking about this article in the documentation : http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Using_IPv6_on_2.0

    I've got the same issue, but installing using snapshots from 2.1-dev is working :)

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