Country IP Blocks is moving to a paid services model

  • Country IP Blocks will be moving to a paid services model in April.

    For information on how this may affect you…click here.

    We will be posting additional updates over the course of the next two or three weeks.

    If you have questions or comments, please drop me a line.

  • WE are anticipating the move to paid services this week. Here is the latest info:

  • Country IP Blocks officially launched its paid services model. Continent data will no longer be available through our free services. Sometime this week we will also eliminate the daily country text files.

    Some free services will still be available.

    Thank you for all your support.

    For more info go to

  • No continent list for free account is a really bad news.

    Specially for pfBlocker users.


  • Banned

    Who starts a free service so we can get rid of countryipblocks??

  • Now, now. We've been providing this data for free for several years and at great expense to ourselves. We have tried to keep pfsense informed of these changes through email, and posting in the forum, for the past several weeks and months. We haven't had a response in a couple of months so we have forged ahead on our own.

    We are happy to discuss helping pfsense out as we have endorsed them in the past. But, after I have personally invested an additional $20,000 into our project in the past few months I need to begin to recoup the investment.

    We apologize for any convenience and as I have done before I will do again…here is my my contact address If you wish to discuss the matter feel free to contact me.

    There are a few other "free services" available, but you might have to settle for 30-60% accuracy instead of 95-98.7%.

  • @Supermule:

    Who starts a free service so we can get rid of countryipblocks??

    Whoever wants to lose a bunch of money, do huge amounts of work for free, or have less accurate lists.

    I wish countryipblocks the best, hopefully this makes the service sustainable. It simply isn't feasible to maintain such lists with a high degree of accuracy without having a means of funding all the work that's involved.

  • I would agree with you, however the dude is charging $179.00. That's a bit steep in my opinion… I'd expect at the most some kind of monthly membership for like $5 or something. Of course we'd all like something free, but damn lol

  • Yeah that is steep, pretty much puts it out of reach for home users. Hard to price something like that, I'm sure they have a number of users who are more than happy to pay the $179, but they're probably pricing it out of reach of a lot of their former users.

  • What's the saying…? You know you've got something good if people are complaining about it?  ;)

    I agree the current pricing is a bit misguided for a few reasons, mainly because 1.) The price point assumes too much about the base of users, and 2.) There is no pricing gradient available offering a spectrum of options.  As an example on the lower end of the gradient, it might be nice to offer IP aggregation lists by continent available for download n-times for $x.xx within a specified period of time.  Other pricing options with higher price points might include more frequent and/or automated access to a variety of aggregations or formats.

    There are few who would argue with the need for an enterprising group to recoup investment costs, but it sure would be nice to see a little more thought and effort go into creating a pricing model that reflects the diverse ways people use the data.

  • Banned

    95-98,7% is not good enough if charged 179$…............


    You can get unlimited backup for only 5$ a month on backblaze......


    There are a few other "free services" available, but you might have to settle for 30-60% accuracy instead of 95-98.7%.