Webserver with multiple SSL sites

  • I am looking to setup a webserver behind my pfsense box.  I have a /28 assigned and then the ips on the VIP page.  I am assuming I need to now set up a 1:1 NAT and then forward the specific ports (http/https) to the NAT address.  So for 5 sites, I will have 5 vips (public) assigned which match 5 internal ips, on the webserver.

    Within apache I will have setup the 5 domains with an instance for both port 80 and 443.  Will this work and be compliant with web browsers and ssl?

    In the past, I would have my webserver outside of the firewall and assign public ips to it, I would prefer to put it behind.

  • If you use host headers config on apache, you can publish it with a singular ip for http.

    If all sites are on the same domain and you have a wildcard certificate, then it will work for https too.

  • Ok, awesome.  I'm going to set it up that way.

    I host a few non ssl sites so I can share an ip.  For my ssl site, there is only one at the moment with a wildcard cert, shouldn't be a problem.  I'm more concerned for when I add ssl sites in the future, I'm sure it's easy enough though.

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