SSH dropping connection between servers

  • We have several servers behind 2.x firewall that communicated together using ssh. They are on two subnets and use public IP or The servers on the same subnet work fine. The servers that I have on a different subnet sometimes looses the connection between subnets. To isolate the problem I replaced the hardware for the pfSense firewall and still have the same problem.

    On the LAN rules I have all connections trusted. On the WAN rules I have Source IPs listed with full trust. The Queue is set to none on both connections.

    Need some help or I will have move to different firewall.

  • The servers are dropping "idle" connections? The firewall is dropping "idle" connections? I suggest you search the pfSense forums for "ssh keepalive" - if I recall correctly I read a post on that topic.

    If its not "idle connection drop" have you any clues or observations that might help identify the cause?

  • Try reset state table it will go back to normal connection but after 3 to 4 days you'll experience it again. I dont know why but still the same issues with my box