Removing cron breaks "sytem" cron

  • After upgrading my 1.2.3 system to 2.0.1, I re-added the cron package. It was removed prior to the upgrade, as per the instructions.

    Last week, I noticed that I hadn't removed the only entry I added under 1.2.3, to backup my RRD files, as that is no longer needed on the nano version, as it's built in.  Somehow I forgot to do that, when I discovered the built-in function.  So, I deleted that entry, and then removed the cron package.

    Yesterday, when checking something else, I noticed that the Dynamic DNS update was no longer being called.  I checked a couple of the other services, from the built-in cron, and discovered that no cron services have been run since I removed the add-on package.

    So, it looks like removing the add-on, either removes, or stops, the system cron.  I haven't tried re-booting, just yet, to see if that reactivates it, in case any information needs to be gathered fist, to pinpoint the error.

    Or, is there a way to restart the system cron.


  • Finally had time to re-boot today and now cron is working again.

    So, it looks like removing the cron package, just shuts down the service.