Want to move new added Target Category on top of all

  • Dear Experts, is there any way that i want to keep a new created Target Category on top of all previously created categories.
    Reason i want to do this because I had already created a rule of blocking all extentions, but now i want allow only exe to get downloaded for just 2 groups, and for other the rules remains same.
    But when i create a new target rule for allow, then in GroupACL list that perticular rule will be on the bottom of the rule which was been created before i.e blocking of all extentions, that means this is check the first rule and will block the extention.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I don't think there is an easy way there. On the ACLs there is an "order" drop down that can be used to move their places around but I don't think that same function exists for the Categories.

    If it doesn't, you may have to make a backup, edit the xml by hand (moving the new one up), then restore the backup. Not simple, but it would get the job done, and it's probably less work than deleting your other categories.

    Or edit your first one, rename it and use it for this, and make a new one at the end with the old one's settings.