IMSpector blocking MSN 7.0

  • I installed IMSpector, and all seemed well when I tested it. It was happily logging the MSN traffic from my machine (I'm using fire on os/x).

    But when my kids tried to log into MSN using a windows 98 machine running MSN 7.0 it just timed out during login. I have had to disable it to allow MSN to work again on that machine.

    Has anybody else seen such issues?



  • was msn 7 not take a long time a ago out of service by msn ??
    newest version is 8. somthing

  • Most of my machines are Macs, but I still have an old PC kicking around that I let my kids use for web surfing, and msn.

    Unfortunately 8.0 won't run on win 98 though, I guess it uses a slightly different protocol that IMSpector does not support.


  • I tried installing IMSpecter on my system and I ran into the same problem, one of the Macs in the house could not get online until I turned it off.

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