ALIX 2D2 stopped booting. Help please!

  • I've had pfsense running smoothly on this box for quite a while.

    I noticed today that it occasionally stopped responding to the network for about thirty seconds at a time.

    I have just rebooted the box and now all that it does is to double-flash each LED in sequence. I have no serial cable to hand, does anyone know if this LE pattern means anything specific that I can potentially fix?



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    You'll probably need a serial cable no matter what you do.

    I can't say I've seen that particular pattern of LED flashing myself. The normal bootup flash will sort of "sweep" from side to side but once that is done it tends to leave the other LEDs alone unless you've setup something like blinkled or gwmon.

  • Reseating the wi-fi card sorted the blinking led thing, but it still wasn't talking to the network.

    The thing about serial cables is that I seem to have them coming out of my ears … until I actually need one! Just spent several hours trying to buy one with eventual success :)

  • OK, this thing is now looking freaky. The box will boot, but won't bring the interface up until I disable Ethernet speed auto-negotiation on the switch (it has been perfectly happy negotiating before). Even when the OS says that the interface is up, I still cannot ping anything,

    I have done a pfctl -d and pfctl -F all and checked the IP address details.

    What is even stranger is that it does get the occasional arp packet, sometimes the arp table is populated and other times not.

    The lack of auto negotiation sounds to me like it's a hardware issue. Is there anything else I can check?

    Ended up replacing the hardware.

  • Did you replace this with another alix board? I'm having a similar issue with mine. It doesn't want to auto negotiate to the cable modem. Well, it tries, but the link goes down after about 10 seconds. It tries again, and the link again goes down. I can get it to connect by forcing the interface to 100mbps half or full duplex in pfsense.

    What's weird is that it auto negotiates on boot, and works just fine. However, if you unplug the cable while pfsense is running, then it'll never auto negotiate again until the next reboot.

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