• I set up a failover for my mysql servers using haproxy,
    Everything looks to be working fine, however, i have a problem with connection timeout.
    In haproxy frontend configuration there are options for : connection timeout, server timeout and client timeout

    I don't want a timeout between client and and haproxy after some time, i want the connection to close from client's side
    therefore, i tried different entries in to Advanced pass thru box but nothing works.

    Is there some entry which I can use in Advanced pass thru box which will terminate the connection when the client will ask to?
    Is there some other option which can make the connections last until the client is disconnected?

    Thnx in advance

  • Did you tried a huge number on client timeout?

  • yes i tried that, seems to be working until now, the biggest number on client timeout is 11days.

    is that the only option that exists?

  • @skipper:

    is that the only option that exists?

    In current package gui, yes.

    11 day timeout is really hard to reach  :)

  • indeed :)

    i was wondering if there was some option which i could pass thru the advanced options or maybe edit the file for haproxy configuration.

    thnx anyway!!