• I have freeRADIUS installed, and I notice that when I go into the status -> services page it lists it as running 8 times. I checked with ps -auxwww and its only running the once.



  • This type of bug usually happens when you upgrade snapshots but don't uninstall the package first.  If that's your case, the solution is just to not install any packages until after the snapshot upgrade.

  • This is a bug that was recently fixed.  Wait for 1.2-BETA-1 for the fix.

  • Thanks, I'm running 1.2-BETA-1-PRERELEASE-SNAPSHOT-04-23-07  and I de-installed and reinstalled freeRADIUS and that seems to have cured the problem.

    Thanks for your help guys. I'll try the de-install / reinstall thing if I see it happening with any other service.



  • Hi Installed 1.2-BETA-1 and then having seen multiple instances of FreeRADIUS running, and de-installed it and re-installed, happily seeing just the one instance again.

    However in order to generate some clean logs for a different issue (snot restarting every 15 mins) I rebooted the machine, only to find when it came back up the FreeRADIUS service running twice. I checked the log files and found this :-

    Apr 30 22:05:32 gw php: : Beginning package installation for freeradius.

    So it looks like it range the package installer again when it was rebooted. Once I have the log I need for the snort problem I'll reboot again and see if I end up with 3 instances running.



  • In the system logs you will find something like:

    Cannot find file blah.

    Please post the logs concerning this package.

  • The only other line I can see in the logs relating to FreeRADIUS is :-

    Apr 30 22:05:31 gw php: : Could not locate

    I think thats the one you are looking for.

    I just did a reboot, and now I have 3 services running, so I can confirm its related to the system start up process.



  • I am running the most recent snapshot from about 30 min ago.  Freeradius is no longer replicating itself, but you can see on reboot that on the resync command, it seems to be installing some components over again at every reboot.  The server seems to work as expected, it just makes for a lengthier boot up.  Not complaints on my end though, just hoping to help

  • Look in the system logs.  It will say something like "Cannot find file, reinstalling".

  • Sep 5 01:18:22 php: : Beginning package installation for freeradius.
    Sep 5 01:18:17 php: : Beginning package installation for freeradius.
    Sep 5 01:18:17 php: : Could not locate
    Sep 5 01:17:42 php: : Beginning package installation for freeradius.
    Sep 5 01:17:25 php: : Beginning package installation for freeradius.
    Sep 5 01:17:24 php: : Could not locate

    I'm still running 1.2 RC1 though, since the machine is in production now, I will probably wait for the 1.2 RELEASE and let you know if it is still happening.

  • Found the problem.  Thanks!

  • I found that freeradius will stop running (Status>Services) everytime i manually disconnect and reconnect my WAN connection (PPPoE). Has anyone got the same problem?

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