PRIQ not working as expected

  • Hello all,

    I have a problem using PRIQ on the latest (as of today) pfsense:

    I have created on wan interface the following three queues (with the root queue beeing a PRIQ with 18Mbps of available bandwidth):

    qDefault (marked as default queue) pri 1
    qACK pri 6
    qVoIP pri 7

    I have an asterisk PBX on a public IP address which has pfsense as default gateway (no nating going on here)

    I also have IP phones on the LAN, connecting to the asterisk PBX through pfsense.

    That's three interfaces on pfsense: wan, lan and "dmz" ("dmz" is where the public IP hosts are connected)

    My basic need is to place UDP traffic coming FROM the PBX on the "dmz" interface into the qVoIP queue. I do this by:

    1. adding a rule at the top of the list of rules for the "dmz" interface saying pass udp traffic from pbx to any and put it in queue qVoIP.

    2. adding a rule at the top of the list of rules for the wan interface saying pass udp traffic from any to pbx (no queue here)

    The problem is, looking at status -> queues, while making voip calls that go through pbx and to our voip service provider, nothing is ever going into the qVoIP queue.

    As a debugging attempt, I tried changing rule 1) to match on any protocol, not just UDP. It made no effect on the VoIP calls, but now I could see small traffic on the VoIP queue by just pinging internet hosts.

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