Fusionpbx not connecting to sip provider

  • Hi have  installed fusionpbx  and freeswich 2 on my pfsense box but  the outgoing sip provider is not connecting its  working on all my other  sip clients  except  pfsense  box .my wan ip address comes from my dsl wifi.i hope some one can help me .

  • did you created firewall rules to permit inbound sip and rtp traffic?

  • yes  i have .
    my sip clients are able to connect to the pbx no problem .except fusionpbx connecting to my sip provider.
    when i ping ping.callcentric.com i have a  reply.
    my fusion pbx log

    2012-03-22 05:22:40.214624 [NOTICE] sofia_reg.c:372 Registering callcentric.com
    2012-03-22 05:22:40.697566 [ERR] sofia_reg.c:1994 callcentric.com Registration Failed with status Incorrect Authentication [403]. failure #10
    2012-03-22 05:22:42.235203 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:430 callcentric.com Failed Registration [0], setting retry to 330 seconds.
    2012-03-22 05:23:32.074599 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:306 got UPnP keep alive packet:

  • I believe there are issues between Freeswitch (the software under FusionPBX) and Callcentric…

    Do Google search...

  • Thanks guys for the help  i did a fresh install all seems to be ok now.