Site to site tunnels from remote office

  • Hey folks,

    We have pfsense running at our San Diego office.

    We have two Cisco 890's at our remote Detroit office.

    One router in Detroit is connected to a internet T1 and the other to a Wide Open West cable connection. (they have different public IP Addresses, but the LAN side is the same subnet)

    I have HSRP running on the routers, and the Wide Open West router is the primary (this is not a load balanced set up, just fail over).

    I have the Wide Open West router set up for an site to site tunnel into our pfsense box, and it works great!

    My question is, is it possible to set a second tunnel into the t1 router from pfsense (for fail over, should the WOW link become unavailable). It would be a tunnel to a different public ip address,  but the same LAN subnet.

    Is this possible with pfsense ?